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EntertainmentThe grass is not always greener: Benpol regrets losing ex wife, Anerlisa...

The grass is not always greener: Benpol regrets losing ex wife, Anerlisa Muigai

The grass is not always greener: Benpol regrets losing ex wife, Anerlisa muigai

I was right to say Anerlisa muigai shouldn’t have engaged ex husband, Benpol after bad mouthing her in an interview just recently and truth is – i was also right to say this was another stunt to promote a new song and look….he just dropped sawa.

Anerlisa Muigai

image source:ghafla

Okay okay we get it…kenyans are known to be great supporters of Tz music and since Benpol has been on our bad raider….of course the support wouldn’t have been the same and seeing that Benpol has a great PR team – they then decided to use Anerlisa Muigai’s name to create the attention and looking at the figures on Benpol’s new song….lets just say he was smart to drag his ex wife cause clearly it worked in his favor.

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Anerlisa muigai warned Ben Pol against talkin on her in interviews

Benpol needs to let Anerlisa Muigai go

Another thing that also caught my attention is the heartfelt apology from Benpol who finally decided to put his pride aside and make things right – now that it’s obvious he regrets losing his wife over something they could have solved before opting for a divorce.

Anerlisa Muigai

Benpol regrets

With sawa already on YT we finally get to hear what really happened between the two and judging from the lyrics…..seems like Anerlisa Muigai ran the relationship on her own terms.

Okay….not that we didn’t warn him about dating someone with way much more money than him but clearly we were right about this….it would have never worked especially since she was the one paying bills….and now that every other man can learn from his experience – I guess his ecperience won’t go to waste.

Also…maybe…what if he didn’t make haste decisions about of divorcing his wife? Maybe he could have learnt to love her with all her short comings, no?


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