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EntertainmentBenpol needs to let Anerlisa Muigai go

Benpol needs to let Anerlisa Muigai go

Mapenzi hayalazimishwi! Benpol needs to let Anerlisa Muigai go

Anerlisa Muigai parted ways barely a year after getting married in a low key ceremony in Tz and from what we heard is that Benpol is the one who decided to file for the divorce….and for some reason – i feel that he may be regretting this move.

Anerlisa Muigai
image source:ghafla

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Well maybe because he has sat down and realized he lost a good woman or is just in denial now that his ex wife appears to have moved on and is happier than she was while with him. I know…i know and it hurts alot especially when you didnt think the whole breakup thing through.

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So for that reason Benpol has been gracing interviews since last year talking about his ex marriage….and from what he says, looks like Anerlisa Muigai was the villain in the relationship. Okay….how is that relevant when it’s been almost a year plus since they separated? Or is Benpol afraid of fading off after years of stardom and no new music from his end?

                                            Anerlisa vs Benpol


Well, chances are that he either misses his ex wife so much that his dislike towards her has now turned to obesssiveness or is plotting for a music comeback and knowing that he needs kenyan audience…..what better way than attacking the only person who will get everyone talking?

Wait….since Anerlisa Muigai says he has been texting her since December 2022, mmmmh iko shida with Benpol and maybe he needs some therapy to get over the lavish lifestyle he had been introduced to by ex wife, Aner.

But again, mapenzi nikama kizungumkuti….makes you look crazy even when trying to make sense….however let’s normalize moving on after a breakup because its normal to fall out of love and you can never hold that against your ex partner. Its never that serious, trust me.



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