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investigativeExclusive: This is why extensive Love for sex, bribes may ...

Exclusive: This is why extensive Love for sex, bribes may cost Lapfund manager Bernard Weru Mbogoh CEO’s post

Bernard Weru Mbogoh, Local Authorities Provident Fund (Lapfund) Finance and Investments and Corporate Affairs Manager now lobbying to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) has a dubious, management background, Weekly Citizen can now report.

On February 3, 2023, Mbogoh received a warning letter in relation to punctuation and attendance to duty.
Known for under operations, Mbogoh office at one time was the talk of the Lapfund after used condoms were found by a cleaner.

The full warning letter reads: “Reference is made to the LAPFUND terms and conditions of service together with the Employees Code of Conduct, in addition the Constitution of Kenya 2010, Employment Act Cap 226, Public Officer Ethics Cap 183 and Leadership and Integrity Act No. 19 of 2012.

As an officer occupying a public office, you are required under the law and public policies to carry out your duties in a manner that upholds dignity to the office and promotes public confidence in the integrity of the office while maintaining high standards of discipline.

You have been found in default of such expectations as a public officer and more specifically as an employee of Lapfund being in top level management where certain level of good judgment is expected of you.

I refer you to the Lapfund employee code of conduct section 1 and 2 which stipulates the office hours and the Flexi hours arrangements and note that you have been in constant violation of these provisions.

This is despite several verbal communication with you on the same.
Further, section 28 stipulates what constitutes Absence from Duty and the attendant consequences.

Your attendant to duty has been wanting where you absent yourself for days without notifying my office and sometimes make technical appearances of few hours and leave.

This has led to gaps in performance of your tasks and especially the supervision of staff under you.
It is also worth noting here that your phone goes unanswered even where there is need for urgent consultations during the said absences.

According to the Lapfund Disciplinary Policy, the above actions amount to misconduct and calls for a warning letter a disciplinary measure. Consequently, the warning letter is issued as a call to adhere to the laid down procedure relating attendance to duty.”

The letter was signed by Davis Koross the CEO. Weekly Citizen has information, Mbogoh was fond of absconding duties to visit constructors and Lapfund suppliers where he received millions of shillings to award contracts.

With the money, known for his loose pants, Mbogoh used the lootto entertain women forgetting duties. Mbogoh hide-outs are said to be apartments in Kilimani where he dates young ladies including Lapfund staff.

Mbogoh is said to like body massage done by Rwandese girls in upmarket city parlours where he spends a fortune.

Many are questioning with such disciplinary warning if he is fit to be Lapfund CEO.

It is said, Mbogoh could not answer calls as he was busy in bed. Further, as per the letter, he extended office working hours to use it as a makeshift  bedroom.

As a finance manager, contractors have openly complained that Mbogoh demands huge bribes running into millions of shillings.

Mbogoh, according to ladies, he has shared bed with is fond of wearing white pants and boasts of  being one of the cleanest men in Kenya. Lapfund board has Amin Ali, Beatrice Kones, Ruth Wanyonyi, Samuel Kariuki, Christine Kibet, Jane Wambugu, Barbra Kawira, Robley Otieno, Seth Panyako, Roba Duba and the acting CEO.


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