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NEWSCity Lawyer Everlyne Kemunto, her Sister in court for attacking a city...

City Lawyer Everlyne Kemunto, her Sister in court for attacking a city medic, causing him injuries

A lawyer who allegedly assaulted a medical doctor who was attending to her sick mother has been charged in court.

Everlyne Kemunto was arraigned before Kibera senior Principal Magistrate Samson Temu when the matter came up for hearing.

She appeared alongside her sister Inilieth Kerumbo whom they shared the second count of allegedly creating disturbances in a manner likely to breach the existence of peace at the said health facility in Kawangware.

The court heard that at the said facilities they allegedly breached the existence of peace by banging doors and hurling insults at one Roy Wafula who is also a witness in the case.

They are said to have committed the offence on November 15, 2022.

While testifying in court, Dr Aron Shikuku who is the complainant in the first count of assault told the court that being the owner of the facility, he had arrived at the Kawangware branch to do his normal supervision.

“I was doing supervision and when I was at the Kawangware branch, I heard some commotions that arose from two ladies, one lady who claimed to be a lawyer had told my doctor that he was unprofessional as he was not taking directives from her on how to treat her mother. My doctor however explained that she could not take directives since he was trying to save the life of the lady they had brought,” he told the court.

Shikuku told the court that the two women had dropped their mother who was unwell at the facility but because of the commotion that was witnessed he tried to talk to them.

“I apologized to them and told them to leave the room so that I could handle their mother’s situation but they refused, they started shouting and pushing my medical personnel creating a scene full of confusion, they were also using abusive language,” Shikuku told the court.

He said he called the security officers who managed to push them out of the room and the lady who said to be a lawyer left the room and later came with the wheelchair claiming that she wanted to take her mother to the next facility which she did later.

He said that as he was in the room, the lady who identified herself as the lawyer assaulted him.

“The said lawyer punched me on my upper lip, a punch which she threw through the grill of the room’s door, the lip became swollen and I was experiencing some pains from the punch,” he told the court.

He said that after seeking medication from the same, got a p3 form and reported the matter to the police which led to their arrest and arraignment in court.

The accused persons have denied any wrongdoing.

They are out on bond and the case will proceed at a later date for further hearing


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