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NEWSCALLA PR Boss who has Gone Viral Changing Lives of less...

CALLA PR Boss who has Gone Viral Changing Lives of less Fortunate in the Society

When you come across Kelvin Otiende you see a humble, quite and a man with few words however his story of public relations is a story that speaks on itself.

“The day we sought his public relations services at his CALLA PR office at Apple wood park, wood Ave in Nairobi, we never knew that we made the right decision but after that the rest is history,” said Chris Morris, a British investor.

Hey said that Otiende’s led PR firm organised their media relations, social media management and brand awareness that placed them at a global stage.

“CALLA PR firm assisted us in content development and management and and helped us build the brand,” said Moris.

Businessman Hussein Abdul on his part thanked Otiende for nurturing talents and also changed lives of City hustlers and school going children.

“Otiende on his personal capacity is a man of good heart, recently bought a 50 inch TV which attracts customers and clients and also bought some lockers and seats for a school in Nairobi,” said Abdul.

Currently CALLA PR boss is aiding his former Landlord to purchase a new house after his daughter got ill, passed away sending him to poverty.

“As we continue helping my former Landlord from poverty and depression that resulted from the death of his daughter, people of good will can stand with us by supporting him through our Mchanga account of Paybill 891300, ACCOUNT 71247,” he said in social media page.


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