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PoliticsPresident Ruto’s Tax Agenda: Do You Know The Types Imposed In Kenya?

President Ruto’s Tax Agenda: Do You Know The Types Imposed In Kenya?

The ongoing debate on taxes in Kenya continues to evoke conflicting opinions, ostensibly following President William Ruto’s recent stance that all Kenyans should contribute their fair share of taxes.

The Head of State emphasized on Sunday that it is necessary for all Kenyans to meet their tax obligations in order for the government to fulfill its responsibilities.


In Financial Year 2023/2024, President Ruto set a goal for the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) to collect a minimum of Sh4 trillion.

The agency, under the leadership of Commissioner General Githii Mburu, has since been working in overdrive to achieve the target, as per the directive.

But how well do you know the types of taxes in Kenya?

-Types of Taxes-

KRA imposes seven types of taxes on Kenyans. They include:

  1. Income Tax
  2. Rental Income Tax
  3. Value Added Tax
  4. Excise Duty
  5. Capital Gains Tax
  6. Agency Revenue
  7. Turnover Tax

For more information on the taxes above, read more here.


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