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CJ Koome Urges Development Partners To Support Social Transformation Access Through Justice

CJ Koome

Chief Justice Martha Koome has urged judiciary development partners to focus on Judiciary Social Transformation through Access to Justice (STAJ).

Koome stated that the prioritized areas under the Social Transformation Access through Justice (STAJ) include, providing justice for the poor, marginalized and the vulnerable (especially the children and those affected by SGBV), promotion of alternative dispute resolution, decongestion of the justice system and expanding case resolution of infrastructure in ASAL and marginalized regions.

Speaking during the development partners roundtable in support of Social Transformation Access through Justice (STAJ) in Nairobi, Koome said the support given by the partners will contribute to the realization of the dream of putting in place independent, accessible, efficient and fair justice system.

“It is in the best interest of both the Judiciary and you, our partners, that the programmes that you support should be those that have the greatest impact in terms of addressing the justice needs of Kenyans,” she said.

“We are of the view that it is programmes and interventions targeting these identified priority areas that will have the greatest impact in addressing the challenges facing our justice system.”

She added that for the dream of the judiciary to be achieved as captured in the STAJ, the Judiciary needs partners, collaborators, and friends to establish an independent and strong institution that is responsive to the justice needs of the Kenyan people.

The CJ emphasized that the children are their key targets for their interventions and they are keen to establish a safe and secure justice system that efficiently handles children in contact with the law and children in conflict with the law.

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“We are working towards rolling out child friendly courts around the country and supporting AJS mechanisms to resolve children matters in a right respecting manner,” she said.

‘We also intend to establish a Juvenile Justice Information System to enable appropriate data management in children’s matters.”


The President of the supreme court added that they will be rolling out Sexual and Gender-Based Violence courts in the hotspot areas starting with Nairobi with the aim to guarantee justice to victims in a manner that is responsive to their needs and sensitivities.

“These courts will be trauma informed courts with the facilities and personnel who can guarantee justice to victims in a manner that is responsive to their needs and sensitivities,” she said.

She added that the justice system will also be keen on promoting the multi-door approach to disputes resolution.

They have already operationalized Court Annexed Mediation and Alternative Justice Systems (AJS) in several court stations.

“We are keen to scale up these programmes across the country,” she added.

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