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NEWSKenya Receives 5.2mn USD Grant From Sweden To Aid Agriculture Management Information...

Kenya Receives 5.2mn USD Grant From Sweden To Aid Agriculture Management Information System

The government’s efforts to establish the Kenya Integrated Agriculture Management Information System (KIAMIS) has received a major boost after it received a grant of 5.2 million US Dollars from the Swedish government in efforts to enhance the agriculture sector.

Speaking to the Media Monday, Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Mithika Linturi said, the platform will help to leverage information to provide e-extension, credit management, mechanization services, and food security statistics.

“This KIAMIS will help us organize our agriculture system in the proper way so we be able to achieve our main objective and unless we are an organize farmers system probably what we are planning to do in terms of giving of information and support will be difficult,’ he said.

“We are very happy today for the support by the Swedish government to have supported this ministry by giving a grant of 5.2 million US Dollars so we can be able to achieve the objective of collecting data from farmers across the country and help farmers in their production whenever necessary.”

He continued by saying that the KIAMIS system is in accordance with President William Ruto’s plan to digitize government services to make them easier to access.

Linturi stated that through KIAMIS the farmers address will be accessed, the acres of land owned, type of crops the farmer plant, number of cows or sheep owned, saying this data will even help the ministry in their planning, monitoring and evaluating how the sector is doing.

“We will be able to monitor and evaluate what pour sector is doing, and we want to also ensure that through this platform our farmers will also be able to market their own products and through the e-voucher for the subsidized fertilizers it will help us capture full information while running this programs and will help us do well the extension services to the farmers,” he said.

Swedish Ambassador to Kenya Caroline Vicini stated that Sweden is dedicated to cooperating with the Ministry of Agriculture and the Kenyan government to promote the agricultural industry and guarantee food security in the nation.

“Sweden has been supporting Kenyan agriculture since independence that is now close to 60 years and we continue to support Kenyan agriculture to enable farmers to know Transparent and true information,” she said.


She continued by saying that the program would help the government assist farmers in the best way possible by providing them with information about the finest fertilizer and seeds to use in order to increase output efficiency.

KIAMIS is an integrated, digital platform solution that now supports farmer registration and e-voucher subsidy program in line with the Government’s digitization agenda under the 10-year Agricultural Sector Growth and Transformation Strategy.

link source:https://www.capitalfm.co.ke/news/2023/02/kenya-receives-5-2mn-usd-grant-from-sweden-to-aid-agriculture-management-information-system/


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