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Entertainment‘My start in music was one of divine nature,’ says songtress Maiyan...

‘My start in music was one of divine nature,’ says songtress Maiyan Kariuki

Maiyan Kariuki:A desire to preach and spread the the word of the Lord provided an impetus to Naomi Kariuki to venture into music.

Born in Tinderet, Nandi county, Kariuki narrates how at the age of 8 years old, she lost her parents and was taken by wellwishers to Mama Ngina childrens’ home where was brought up.

She says while at the rescue home, God took over her life and provided the best life can offer.

“The sponsors I got ensured I went to the Allen Grove school for my primary education and Riara Group of Schools for my high school,” says the songtress.

Known as Naomi Maiyan Kariuki, she says after high school she later joined Kenya Institute of Management for her Diploma in Business Management course and is currently pursuing a degree at St Paul’s University.

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Ms Kariuki says she got herself into the music ministry as she can use it to preach.

“My first song was well received and people really supported by buying CDs and other merchandise,” she said.

Maiyan Kariuki

image source:habarimoto

Maiyan attributes the biggest challenge as time, juggling between managing her businesses with ministry while at the same time sourcing for finances for projects.

Maiyan envisions herself in 10 years having established herself in ministry and also having kickstarted a foundation to help the street kids.

She advises anyone wanting to venture in music to hold on as there is enough cake for everyone and everyone has been allocated something from God.


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