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NEWSHow Fraudster Kinyua Wairatu, Maono Lands Limited Founder is a Fraudster, Conman...

How Fraudster Kinyua Wairatu, Maono Lands Limited Founder is a Fraudster, Conman Kenyans be aware

According to Cyprian Nyakundi’s epidode of expose’ , we highlight how Maono Lands Limited led by former Dandora shoe cobbler Kinyua Wairatu is conning Investors

Kinyua and his briefcase Real Estate company Maono Lands Limited is selling hot air to land Investor.

On their website, Maono Lands Limited braggs that they offer investors simplified, rewarding, and secure land/plots investing. They are doing exactly the opposite.

Kinyua Wairatu ( which means cobbler of shoes) cons investors while roaming on Inooro FM shows cleansing his con games lying that his real estate firm was founded on strong Christian values and God is their senior most partner!

Here is part one of a conned investors in Kinyua Wairatu’s real estate hot air.

Hello Nyakundi, 

Was tagged on Inboxing you about Maono lands company’s. I’m one of the plots buyers back in 2020 October, plots was going at 100k cash or installment of 6 month at 120k.

I personal choose to go with installment, first payment was per plot 50k soo both plots first paymenyt I reqsted if I can start with 70k for both plots and my wish was granted.

I cleared everything in February that’s 220k, a bove Not 120k but 110k. March I cleared title fee which was 20k per plot but I wanted both plots to be under the same title was told its possible and will cost me 30k that was it. 

From march waited for the title processes which was to take 60 to 90 days and from june 2021 the stories started of the Corona, the office, the lands, till today where I’m blocked of Facebook. 


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