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crime1981-Born-Man Claims Late President Daniel Moi Gave him a Plot in Karen...

1981-Born-Man Claims Late President Daniel Moi Gave him a Plot in Karen amid fraud claims, Operanews reports

1981-Born-Man Claims Late President Daniel Moi Gave him a Plot in Karen

Viral news says a 1982-born Kenyan man claims having been awarded a piece of land in Karen by late President Daniel Arap Moi.

The allegations went viral on Wednesday after activist Boniface Mwangi shared scanty details on his social media handles.

Mwangi said the man by the name Eric Agolla Lualia had shown up at the said property along Bogani Road accompanied by police ready to possess what belongs to him as awarded by the second president of Kenya.

The activist, however, raised concerns with how he managed to get the police to administer the arrest.

“Earlier today a police officer, Ibrahim Nawet from Hardy police went to Bogani Road and arrested two guards protecting private property. The owner has a valid title but Mr. Eric Agolla Lugalia claims he was given the property by President Moi? Who sent Abraham to make the arrests?” Mwangi posed.

The allegations sparked debate on Twitter with bloggers taking the matter by its horns.

“This fool was so young when Moi left power. So how was he given the property by Moi when he was almost a minor.” blogger Robert Ali reacted.

Mwangi further questioned whether Mr. Agolla was being used by powerful land grabbers as a proxy.

“Eric Agolla Lugalia is a front for powerful land grabbers, who is really behind him? The arresting officer Nawett said he was sent to arrest the two guards by OCPD Langata, Mr. Gregory Musomba Mutiso. Whom is Mutiso helping to grab private land? @FredMatiangi” Mwangi added.

Other Kenyans said:

Apram Lingolin: “Moi left office in 2002, does it mean this fool at 21 years had built up enough connections, just two years after getting an ID and met Moi? He looks foolish and he most likely received an ID while still in high school. He is someone’s dog. “Hit” him hard and to find the owner.”

Muregah kenya: Who sent the so called police officer? Where is the warrant of arrest? Court papers? What was the motive for the arrest? This is agitating to be frank.

Stephen Wachira: How was a 1981 born get allocation from Moi? He was only 21 by the time Moi left office. Was he allocated as a minor?


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