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BREAKING NEWSVibrant City Lawyer Mwenda Njagi declares war on Hyenas in Juja and...

Vibrant City Lawyer Mwenda Njagi declares war on Hyenas in Juja and Kiambu, demands that KWS takes them away within 7 days

Vibrant City Lawyer Mwenda Njagi on behalf of Juja and Kiambu residents has written a hard hitting demand letter to the Kenya Wildlife Service urging it to quickly but carefully collect all the Hyenas from Juja and Kiambu County or face a legal battle among other options.

Mwenda Njagi in his demand letter says that the said wild animals have exposed residents in the mention areas to suffering and mayhem hence terming it as unacceptable.

” TAKE NOTICE THAT if KWS fail to satisfy the demands expressed herein within 7 days of receiving this correspondence, we’ll be left with no recourse but to pursue legal action as per the letter of the law including filing a Judicial Review Application to compel for immediate action,” he said.

Njagi further cautions the KWS and that residents may sought compensation for the loss , suffering and confusion the said wild animal has caused them when the seven days elapses without action.

” In the spirit of Alternative Dispute Resolution, as expounded under Article 159 of the
Constitution of Kenya 2010, we will further seek a public participation audience with
your good offices on the assessment and compensation for the loss or damage suffered by Juja people and the division of the proceeds generated from the trophy hunting to the Juja community ,” said Njagi.

Njagi among other things wants the KWS and the state to:To capture and relocate as many hyenas as possible to secure game parks, that KWS use its own gadgets which when switched on may make
noises that will attract the hyenas to these gadgets and take them away, that during these 7 days, the Tourism Ministry can invite trophy and game hunters
worldwide to come to Juja and hunt down the hyenas for the benefits and security of residents, that KWS ensures the Right to life, as guaranteed under the constitution, that the police officers in Juja be authorised to kill any and all hyenas on sight,
and out of sight, by any means possible including, but not limited, to using drones to trace and shoot/bomb them after the lapse of the 7 days.

The lawyer further in his hard hitting letter that the government allows residents and hunters to descent of Hyenas which he says that have caused serious havoc in the county.

This comes after Hyenas in the past killed several residents including children in the area.


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