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BREAKING NEWSHe is Clean and innocent, the bull killed his lovely employee, Pathologist...

He is Clean and innocent, the bull killed his lovely employee, Pathologist Oduor tells off critics blackmailing Senator Bonny Khalwale

After Senator Binny Khalwale’s critics moved around accusing him that he killed his employee after its was obvious that he was innocent, the truth have been revealed.

More than one postmortem was conducted on the deceased body to ascertain the cause of death.

” Our exercise shows that indeed the deceased was killed by the bull and the type of injuries he sustains does not point stabbing or any kind of murder,” said pathologist Oduor.

The bull pushed the Senator into sadness as he valued at trusted his employee do much.

The Senator has despite being in difficult state urged politicians to stop dragging politics into  the matter.

“I have readily opened up my home to the police to afford them an opportunity to make credible and conclusive investigations into this sad death, thereby enabling them to pursue the matter to a logical conclusion before burial plans continue,” the senator said.

“Who are the people who have said that? You are a journalist. You are asking the senator of Kakamega to clarify issues on social media,” he told the Star on the phone when reached for comment.

Khalwale said he will broadcast every bit of the ongoing investigations because he has nothing to hide.

Kizito’s body had multiple injuries believed to have been inflicted by the fighter bull.

An autopsy on his body is due at the Kakamega County General Hospital.

Khalwale killed the bull named ‘Inasio’ on the fateful Sunday in what he said was in keeping with the Luhya culture.

The rite was performed in the full glare of the media and the police.

The senator said on Wednesday he has since postponed Kizito’s burial until police unravel the truth into allegations levelled against him by “pseudo politicians.”.

Moi, 47, had been Khalwale’s farmhand for more than 20 years.

“He came here when he was a boy,” Khalwale said in an interview on Sunday


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