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BREAKING NEWSTrans Nzoia County Joins Forces for Climate Action with FLLoCA-KfW Funding

Trans Nzoia County Joins Forces for Climate Action with FLLoCA-KfW Funding

Trans Nzoia County is joining forces with other counties and international partners to combat climate change through the FLLoCA-KfW co-financing program.

FLLoCA, launched in February 2022 and running until June 2027, is a collaborative initiative between the World Bank, the Kenyan government, and county governments.

Samson Ojwangthe County CEC for Water , Environment and Climate change said the initiative will empower local communities to tackle climate challenges and strengthens national and county-level capacities for climate risk management.

He opined that the KfW co-financing agreement with Germany will unlock additional funding via the Climate Change Resilience Grant (CCRI Grant-A).

” This grant targets 16 counties within the Lake Victoria ecosystem zone, including Trans Nzoia.” He added

The official program launch took place yesterday at the Grand Swiss Hotel in Kisumu. Cabinet Secretaries, Governors, and executives from the participating counties signed an Intergovernmental Participation Agreement.

The KfW co-financing prioritizes community-driven solutions to enhance food security, create sustainable youth livelihoods, and boost agricultural productivity across the value chain.

While spearheaded by the Department of Water, Environment, Natural Resources, and Climate Change, FLLoCA will leverage existing county structures.

Collaboration with the Department of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries, and Cooperative Development will ensure the adoption of climate-smart agricultural practices for long-term sustainability.

A capacity-building workshop for county government executives kicked off today.

The training targets County Executive Committee Members (CECMs) and County Chief Officers (CCOs) responsible for climate change.

Subsequent days will focus on Directors and members of the County Climate Change Unit (CCU) overseeing social and environmental safeguards, monitoring and evaluation, and fund management.

The workshop concludes on Thursday, March 28th, 2024.


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