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NEWSRobert Njoka: A man who shaped the leather Industry

Robert Njoka: A man who shaped the leather Industry

The Tanners Association of Kenya Chairperson Robert Njoka has done and continues to do a tramendous job within

the leather Industry.

Despite him fighting hard to prevent the industry from cartels , Njoka has also advocated for good pay to traders and other stakeholders involved and at the same time called for a fare market.

“What we produce locally should not have duty so that the market can be good for all traders. Let’s get a balanced market so that we encourage local traders”, Said Njoka in a previous press conference in Nairobi.

In 2017, the Chairman strongly fought some  cartels that were trying to bring the industry down. By doing so Njoka believes more employment will be produced and the lives of people will be improved too.

He recently urged the government to remove the 10percent export Levy it had imposed to farmers

” We want the government to remove the 10 per cent export levy imposed on tanned and crust hides and skins,” he said.

Njoka is also calling on farmers to improve the qualities of their hide and skin for them to get a good price


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