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BREAKING NEWSRobert Kilel, a Bomet Man who killed his three children and a...

Robert Kilel, a Bomet Man who killed his three children and a househelp commits sucide

Robert Kilel who brutally murdered his three children and the househelp in Bomet County has taken his own life.

This heart-wrenching event has left the community reeling in shock and searching for answers. Before the incident, the family resided together under one roof. The idyllic image of shared meals and conversations now stands shattered, replaced by the reality of their deaths. The children, whose promising lives were cut short at a tragically young age, now lie side by side in the mortuary at Longisa County Referral Hospital.

The events leading up to the tragedy began with Kilel attacking his children with a machete in their Kipkebe village home. He then fled the scene, leaving behind a trail of unimaginable suffering. A desperate search was launched, with police officers Bashir Ali and Geoffrey Omwenga confirming Kilel’s death by suicide just hours later. His body, bearing self-inflicted injuries has been transported to the same mortuary where the remains of his victims already lay.

Among them were Lewis Kipngeno, 14, Lulu Cheruto, two, Abigael Cherono, eight, and Sharon Chepkoech, their 16-year-old househelp. Fortunately, the eldest child managed to escape the attack by hiding and raising the alarm. He bravely rushed his injured younger sibling to the hospital, but sadly, the child succumbed to the wounds. The investigation reveals that Kilel had attempted to convince his wife to close her shop and return home with him earlier. Unsuccessful in his persuasion, he returned to the house and perpetrated the horrific act. It is believed that the cries for help during the attack were masked by heavy rainfall, preventing anyone from intervening.

The crime scene reveals the violence that unfolded. The house bears the marks of the struggle, with blood stains evident on the floor, furniture, and personal belongings. Witness Ms Ann Korir recounts a conversation with Ms Chepkoech, suggesting that accompanying her home might have prevented the tragedy. The weight of this unimaginable loss proved too much to bear for Ms Chepkoech. She remains unable to speak after collapsing on Saturday morning.

According to family member Mr Gilbert Kibet, Kilel had been absent from home for three days before the incident. Details surrounding the murders remain unclear, with reports suggesting the use of a wire and blunt force trauma in the killings. Kilel, known for his solitary nature and history of conflict, leaves a legacy of violence and unanswered questions. Residents like Ms Ann Mutai share accounts of his unfriendly demeanour and mistreatment of his own mother. This incident is part of a disturbing rise in family-related murders in the country.


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