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BREAKING NEWSHon.Stephen Mogaka ranked the best Mp in Nyamira County, Nyanza Region

Hon.Stephen Mogaka ranked the best Mp in Nyamira County, Nyanza Region

Its now official that  West Mugirango Member of Parliament Hon Steve Mogaka is on a mission to transform the lives of his electorate to another level if the current survey is something to go by.

The  Pollstar ranking Survey has placed him as the performing  Mp in the entire Nyamira county and the best in Nyanza region.

This comes months after the Mp decided to change the lives of his people immediately he took an oath of office.

In the past one year, the Mp has launched projects, attended to the needs of his electorates  and addressed  their plights on time.

Hon.Mogaka has also  initiated concrete development mechanisms in a step aimed at revamping projects in the entire constituency and seems to be strategizing of doing more.

The Pollstar ranking has placed him ahead of other Mps in line of performance in Nyamira County and the entire Nyanza region.


More to follow……


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