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BREAKING NEWSReprieve for Kenya wheelchair boxing team as Sonko delivers them goodies, help...

Reprieve for Kenya wheelchair boxing team as Sonko delivers them goodies, help ahead of the Poland para-boxing tournament

The Kenya wheelchair boxing team today had a chance to smile after former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko visited them Friday with the help they needed and some goodies. 

The former Nairobi Governor who has always extended his heart to the needy in the society visited the team as it prepares for an international tournament.

This comes as the team continued pleading with well-wishers to address the needs and challenges faced by disabled athletes .

They sought the help from Sonko who did not hesitate to help.

According to some credible information,the team is expected to travel to Poland to participate in a para-boxing tournament in June this year.

Led by Mary Atieno the players had appealed for help to enable them to prepare ahead of June’s tournament.

Sonko visited them at their training camp in Shauri Moyo Social Hall where he donated uniforms and visas.

The team also received a punching bag that will help them during this period as they prepare for the tournament.

Mary claimed that they had been hiring the punching bag from a local dealer.

The team is hopeful that they will bring gold home.


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