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Lawyer Peter Wanyama vows to digitize the LSK portal with a new Integrated System

City Lawyer Peter Wanyama has unleashed a new manifesto that separates him from other candidates who are also eying the LSK Presidency.

While taking to one of his social media page, the LSK Presidential candidate noted that the LSK portal has been a big embarrassment to advocates in the country hence the need to improve it with new software.

” I have been confidentially briefed on the LSK system/portal challenges. It is absolutely imperative that LSK gets a new software provider/system developer who will migrate the existing data to a new integrated system that has applications that allows for seamless application of PC and CPD modules,” said lawyer Wanyama.

He noted that he has reliable information that the system that LSK currently uses is outdated and probably sabotaged by the service provider.

” The system is outdated, More than 2000 advocates have experienced challenges when applying for PC because our system is not properly linked to the Judiciary’s advocates management system and requires manual interventions. It is also crucial for LSK to hire a full-term software engineer /IT professional whose task is to maintan the system under a contractual business contunuity plan signed with the provider,” he noted.

He said that once elected in the office as the LSK President he will work hard to fix the mess .

” In this regard, LSK should get support from the IDLO etc. LSK’s IT person should develop and implement an ICT plan, develop and implement a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) and ensure strict compliance with Service Level Agreements (SLAs) by Service Providers (SPs). Advocates should not suffer when applying for basic LSK services, once elected in office i will make sure all the above are achieved,” he said.


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