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TrendsProtests rock Masimba High School in Kisii over dismal resulted 

Protests rock Masimba High School in Kisii over dismal resulted 

Protests Monday rocked Masimba town in Masaba South in Kisii following the dismal eximination results by secondary school in the Sub-County.

Parents who joined the demonls demanded the removal of Masimba High school Principal Joel Nyabuti together with his teachers. .

The school had registered a means standard scored of 2.16,a significant decline from the past.

Also wanted kicked out are members of the school and the Sub-County education officers.

The parents accused of them laxity sparking poor results by a number of schools in the area.

Abel Nyangenya, a parent, said the decline begun soon after after Nyabuti was posted there.

“What we want is the government to reconsider his further presence around, we are yet any fruits since he came here,” Nyangenya told journalists.

The school is in the backyard of Education Minister Ezekiel Machogu.

Already a Senate Committee wants probed :unusual exam results probed

Nyangenya said Masimba High school should br setting a good a example being in the CS’s bavkyard.

Ongeri Getanda, another parent, accused the teachers and the head teacher of laxity which has sparked massive failures in the examinations over the last six years.

“The funny thing is that he says we cannot push him out because he has tall relatively at the Teachers Service Commission. We. want to know who are these tall relatives who by extension are the cause of the pain we are going through as patents”, Getanda fumed.

They told Education CS to quickly find the Principal’, s replacement as part of the efforts to turn the fortunes of the school.

“Without a new principal the protests will continue. We will not sit down and watch out school, with all these infrastructural investments go to the drain,”, added Getanda.

Police early charged at the parents and kicked them out of the school compounded after they threatened to enter the office and eject the besieged school head.

The Star could could not immediately get a response from Nyabuti as was hold up in a meeting with education officers.


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