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trendings newsHigh Court orders mental assessment on Odhiambo before murder charges

High Court orders mental assessment on Odhiambo before murder charges

The High Court in Eldoret has ordered for mental assessment to be done on Jacktone Odhiambo who is the primr suspect in the murdered of LGBTQ activist Edwin Kiprotich kiptoo alias Chiloba

Odhiambo appeared before High Court Deputy Registrar Rosemary’s Onkoba but did not take plea.

State Council David Fedha said the accused had to be taken for assessment before taking plea.

Odhiambo was represented by lawyer Mathai Mathai.

The mental assessment will be done at the Moi Referral Hospital

Onkoba ordered that Odhiambo be takne back to court on February 8th to be charged.

Fedha said they had filed documents information the suspect of the intention to charge him with offense of murder.

Mathai said they had no objection for applicatiin to have accused to be held for mental assessment.

He howevr said they would insist on having his client’s rights under Article 50 to be maintained.

A lower court had earlier freed four suspects linked to the murder of Chiloba

Senior Principal Richard Odenyo however directed that prime suspect Jacktone Odhiambo to face murder charges at the High Court.

Body builder Dennis Litali was freed completely freed while three other suspects will report to police every month for three month.

Odhiambo was immediately taken to the High Court to face murder charges.

The prosecution said it had no evidence to charge the four leadin6to their release

They have been in custody for 21 days for investigations

Odenyi had early this month granted the DCI 21 days to hold the suspects in order to facilitate completion of investigations.


The victim he said lived in house no B11 located at Nobler Breeze apartment Mloben sub county.

the suspects were arrested on 7 and

Police have completed investigations into the murder leading to the charges against Odhiambo.

Chiloba was found murdered and his body stashed in a metal box which was dumped at Hurlingham village near Kipkaren on January 3rd 2023.


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