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BREAKING NEWSPresident Ruto to Kenya Kwanza MPS opposing his policies, you are the...

President Ruto to Kenya Kwanza MPS opposing his policies, you are the government, stop the blame game!

President William Ruto has told off Kenya Kwanza MPs critical of his policies, asking them to own up and defend their campaign manifesto to Kenyans.

Some MPs including Githunguri’s Gathoni Wamuchomba, have rubbished the president’s affordable housing programme.

On Monday, Ruto lashed out at the critics of government programmes, asking them to look at the Kenya Kwanza manifesto on what they promised Kenyans.

Ruto who spoke in Naivasha where the Kenya Kwanza MPs and senators are holding a retreat with the executive, Ruto told MPs that they are the government in Parliament.

“There is no other government in Parliament, you are the government, so stop pointing at the government because you are the government,” Ruto told the Kenya Kwanza MPs.

The President took time to encourage MPs to honour their social contract with the people even as he lauded them for a good job in the legislation process.

“Don’t imagine that there is another government, you are the government,’’ he said.

The president reminded MPs that during the campaigns they made specific promises to Kenyans based on the Kenya Kwanza Manifesto which he said they must implement.

“In our manifesto, we were very clear where we wanted to take Kenya, we were clear how we were going to deliver jobs, health, food security and we went to the people who gave us a mandate against a very difficult political terrain, we must stay focused and deliver on its mandate,’’ he said.

The president rallied MPs to support the government’s affordable housing programme saying there is nobody among them who needs further persuasion.

He said the project was part of the campaign manifesto sold to Kenyans as part of his key anchor for the creation of jobs across the country.

“The housing programme has already created jobs and everywhere where we have these projects there are jobs and the crime rate has gone down like places like Kiambu,’” he said.

The president said the government is determined to implement the housing programme insisting that they will ensure that all Kenyans who were left out of the housing levy are brought on board.

“We will implement the housing programme, I don’t want to say by all means possible, but I have said we will implement,” he said.


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