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Nairobi Deputy Governor Muchiri Warns Board Against Licencing Bars In Residential Areas


Muchiri spoke on Friday when he inaugurated the new Alcoholic Drinks Control and Licensing board members and the new Sub-county Liquor Licensing Committees.

“Each of you from this sub-county you know your neighborhoods, you know your areas, you know what happens and how people live and I believe you can’t license a facility to operate in places especially near residential areas, to disturb people’s peace and children around there,” he said.

He called the board members to execute their mandate of ensuring the implementation of the liquor act and county government policy on liquor licensing, advise the county government on the control and licensing policy on alcoholic drinks and oversee the conduct of the sub-county committees.

“We expect with this committee that we shall not have to deal with complains and calls that have to come in at 1 am in the morning from people saying they can’t sleep yet those outlets are licensed,” he said.

This is the fourth liquor board since the function was devolved from the National Assembly.

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