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educationMiddle leven colleges key for economic recovery, employment, state says

Middle leven colleges key for economic recovery, employment, state says

The government lays more emphasis on middle level colleges as they impart practical skills to learners relevant to national development.
Chief of staff and head of Public service Felix Koskei added that learning institutions play key role in the national integration.
The top civil servant said there was need to review the curriculum for technical and vocational training institutes to be in-line with international standards and demands.
Koskei spoke at Ol’Lessos technical training institute in Nandi east sub-county when he presided over the graduation of 2,741 students who received national, higher diplomas, certificates and craftsmanship’s.
He said courses offered must meet the international standards to enable the Kenyan youths to easily access employment opportunities abroad.
“It is important that graduates meet the recognizable standards of E.U. to enable work in Europe, also in Asian countries like the Chinese markets respectively,” Koskei said.
The head public service added that the institutions were key in the national integration by admitting students from diverse communities enabling them to learn and embrace different cultures.
Koskei said President William Ruto had a personal touch on expansion of TVETs across all counties to increase skilled labour as the country focuses on a major industrialization.
“The construction of affordable housing being launched across the country will be built by graduates completing their courses now and released to join the rest of the citizens across the country,” Koskei added.
The chief of staff added that roads were being built adding that with an improved economy, more opportunities would be available for them.
He said middle level colleges had become popular among Kenyan youths since the trainings opened avenues for students to enter job market while many become self-employed and employing others.
“The government emphasizes the export of skilled labour since they bring in Billions of shillings annually supporting their families hence the reason we now have a ministry that handles diaspora issues,” Koskei said.
Koskei was accompanied by TVET principal secretary Esther Muoria, Nandi governor Stephen Sang, MP’s Benard Kitur-Nandi Hills, Josses Lelmengit-Emgwen and Julius Meli-Tinderet.


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