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NEWSMarsabit Stadium is complete, Benisa Construction Director Kubai says

Marsabit Stadium is complete, Benisa Construction Director Kubai says

The Director of Denise Construction Limited, Benjamin Kubai Macharia has refuted claims by a section of the media that his company has not completed the construction of a stadium in Marsabit County under the Ministry of Sports.

Speaking the media on Thursday, Kubai said as per the contract issued by the Ministry of Sports and the bill of quantities,documents he shared with the media, he has completed the construction works and issued with a completion certificate.

“In the areas featured by the Nation newspaper on Thursday, April 6, 2023, the captured parts were to be done by the county government of Marsabit and were not part of our tender agreement,” said Mr Kubai.

Kubai has also defended his past record design that he has completed all his past projects.

“The reason our company has been awarded several tenders in government, is because we are known for doing successful work at competitive rates and fast completion of works as per the tender agreements,” added Kubai.

Some of the other construction works done by Benisa Construction Limited include Kahawa Sukari access roads, under Kenya Urban Roads Authority, Gatangu Water Project under Athi Water Agency, Makindu Mutitu Road maintance under KENHA among others which have all been successfully completed.

According to Kubai, the tender for the construction of Marsabit Stadium was awarded in 2017 but the national government didn’t have the necessary funds hence the suspension of the construction until 2020 when the two parties signed the return to work formula which was later affected by the COVID-19 lockdown and the inter-clan clashes in most parts of Marsabit County.

“Despite the huddles, we managed to complete the project and received the substantial certificate of completion on 15, July 2022,” he said.

According to the documents provided by the firm, handover ceremony of the stadium took place on March 15, 2023 and was presided over by the County Commissioner of Marsabit County, Ministry of Sports officials including head of procurement, a consortium of engineers, the project architects Otieno Odongo among other senior government officials.

The tender for the Marsabit Stadium was valued at Sh295 million with the contractor demanding the pending bill of more than Sh50 million.

“The images of the pavilion that was shown by sections of the media, was funded and awarded by the Marsabit County Government and was not part of the tender awarded to the Benisa Construction Limited,” stated Kubai.

Kubai further claimed that the allegations against Benisa Construction Limited is fueled by those who want to win tenders for construction of stadiums which is soon to be advertised.

“This is a scheme by those who want to take part in the upcoming stadium contracts with an aim of kicking out the experienced contractors. The government and MPs should be wary of such tender fights and focus on works for quality and value for taxpayers money,” added the contractor.

“The Marsabit Stadium is now under the management of the county government and they have been holding events at the stadium with the most recent being the inter-school competitions,” Kubai noted.


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