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BREAKING NEWSMeet Jared Otieno, a gold Fraud Master who is untouchable and dangerous,...

Meet Jared Otieno, a gold Fraud Master who is untouchable and dangerous, investors , business community be aware

The controversial and flamboyant businessman Jared Otieno was arrested Wednesday evening in the on going fake gold probe.

Despite the gross allegations, a section of Kenyans have actually praised him for robbing a foreign billionaire and investing back in the country.

When DCI detectives raided his newly acquired palatial home in Karen they seized two of his brand new vehicles–a Porsche and Bentley.

“The fugitive Jared Otieno has been arrested,” DCI Kinoti was quoted by Capital. “we raided his newly bought palatial house in Karen where two brand new vehicles, a Bentley and a Porsche were recovered.” His latest arrest comes days after investigations were launched following numerous complaints from those conned–including United Arab Emirates leader Sheikh Al Maktoum. It’s only after The Emirates Prince called President Uhuru to complain about the Fake gold scam that arrests were made. This means no action would’ve been taken if the Prince wasn’t the one affected. The state aids & abets criminals and the Jared Otieno of this country. DOOM ! In a statement on Friday, DCI boss George Kinoti has urged foreign Embassies and High Commissions to alert their nationals coming to Kenya for gold business.

Kinoti says unsuspecting foreign nationals have lost millions of shillings to gold scammers in the recent weeks.

But Kenyans believe he deserves praise for investing the ‘internationally’ stolen money in the country vis-a-vis the corrupt politicians politicians who steal from us and invest abroad.


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