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BREAKING NEWSMeet City Lawyer Shadrack Wambui, a Former Slum boy but now a...

Meet City Lawyer Shadrack Wambui, a Former Slum boy but now a dalliance to Lawyers

It is very difficult for one to talk about LSK Nairobi branch politics without mentioning the name city Lawyer Shadrack Wambui.

Wambui has scaled up his campaigns and if what we know is something to go by, he will easily clinch the seat.

According to some lawyers that we spoke to Wambui will win the race.

” For me i will definately vote for Shadrack Wambui, i just love this guy, he is courageous, agressive and can push things, ” said Moureen Wechuli, a young city lawyer.

Another Lawyer, Beatrice Cherop also vowed to vote for him.

” I urge my colleagues to help me vote Wambui , is is the best bet to represent our issues, ” said another lawyer.

Wambui’s previous activities, integrity, courage and activism places him ahead of other candidates.

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