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BREAKING NEWSEagle Nursing Home Director Aron Sikuku urgent message, goodies to staff, medics...

Eagle Nursing Home Director Aron Sikuku urgent message, goodies to staff, medics and patients as Festive season takes shape

The owner of Eagle Nursing Home who is also a  renowned city medic shared his Christmas goodies with his staff members, their Families and Patient as he even called on the importance of sharing with the needy. 

Aron Sikuku, the Good  hearted owner of Eagle Nursing home awarded vouchers to his employees and called for effective delivery of medical services to those in dire need.

According to those who visited the Facility this year , Eagle Nursing Home has quality medical Facility and its currently recognized globally, thanks to its commitment service to Humanity.

” Yes Dr.Aron Sikuku is a man of good heart, despite his facility giving the best treatment and medications  across the  city , he personally took charge of ensuring that all his staffs and their family enjoyed a good Christmas,” a source told our reporter.

Photos shared on Eagle Nursing Home social media pages shows patients being awarded with some goodies.

Our team also learnt that Sikuku as the Director of the facility left  nothing to chance to wish every staff a happy holiday but urged them to be vigilant and on the importance of giving good medical services to those who needed during this difficult time.

More to follow….

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