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investigativeLaikipia stolen livestock was recovered by Police

Laikipia stolen livestock was recovered by Police

Laikipia County police have discovered livestock that was allegedly taken by cattle rustlers from a farm in Loniek, Kirima Sub-County.

Laikipia:This came after a combined sting operation run by many local law enforcement organizations.

Before recovering the stolen animals, the multi-agency squad engaged the suspected bandits in a violent firefight at Chapelonin Area in Tiaty, according to the National Police Service (NPS).


image source:citizen

“The livestock, nine cows and 18 goats, have since been returned to the owner in Loniek area,” said NPS in a statement.

The NPS likewise reiterated its stance on mitigating cattle rustling cases in bandit-prone areas of the country.

“Police remain committed to the fight against banditry and cattle rustling in the country and ensuring lasting peace in the affected areas,” said NPS.


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