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BREAKING NEWSKilungu Boys high school student died because of an illness not Torture,...

Kilungu Boys high school student died because of an illness not Torture, Autopsy reveals

Emmanuel Kirimi Kaimenyi, the Form one student who tragically passed away just ten days after admission, succumbed to an infection, according to the school’s official statement.

The Chairman of the  Kilungu Boys School’s Board of Management, Kennedy Malinda, revealed on Saturday that an autopsy had clarified the cause of the boy’s death as an infection, dispelling earlier speculations about injuries from bullying.

“I had promised to issue a statement on the unfortunate incident of our student who passed on at Kilungu Boys School. The postmortem was done this afternoon at Chiromo Mortuary by the Government pathologist in the presence of all interested parties. The results indicated that it was a natural death caused by an infection,” he stated.

Kirimi fell ill on the morning of Thursday, January 25, and was swiftly taken to Kilungu Sub County Hospital, where he was pronounced dead upon arrival.

According to the father of the deceased Joshua Kaimenyi, he received a phone call from the principal who informed him to go to the school where he said he was informed of his son’s death.

Principal Geoffrey Muema said Emmanuel Kirimi complained of stomach upsets on that fateful day and they administered drugs but when the pain persisted, they gave him water and he had diarrhoea and then collapsed.

Muema said they then took him to the nearby hospital.

“Emmanuel Kirimi a Form One student got stomach upset at 10:30 am. He was rushed to the deputy principal’s office and then to the hospital located 800 metres from the school,” he said.

“He was accompanied by two teachers and two prefects where the doctor confirmed that he had died”

The principal said he had reported the incident and recorded a statement with the DCI.


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