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NEWSJunior KeRRA offi in Sh 21M Saga to know fate next week

Junior KeRRA offi in Sh 21M Saga to know fate next week

Relief for the KeRRA junior officer whose accounts were frozen as the High Court directs that an application to unfreeze the accounts be heard next week on Wednesday.

The KeRRA officer Daniel Wambua through his lawyer Danstan Omari told the court that he is unable to pay dowry and would like his application heard urgently.

“My Lord, my client can’t pay dowry, the lady he was to marry is still waiting,” Omari submitted in court.

Wambua wants the court to release Ksh.21 million held in three bank accounts that was frozen after the High Court granted orders to the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC).

The KeRRA accountant claimed the money was intended for his fiancée’s dowry, and that even his friends and family had contributed to it.

He claimed that he is required by tradition to fulfil his dowry payment promise and has yet to do so despite the celebration because of what he termed as EACC’s false implication that the dowry payment account is a product of corruption.

“Unless this honorable court intervenes and hears the applicant on merit, there is a likelihood that the Applicant’s rights under Article 45, 50 of the Constitution of Kenya, 2010 will be limited to his grave prejudice,” lawyer Omari told the court in August.

According to Wambua, the court’s orders forced him to stop the dowry ceremony without any justification, which embarrassed him in front of his future in-laws.


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