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NEWSINVESTIGATIVE: JKIA's Vivian Wanza Kisoso arrested in car theft Drama

INVESTIGATIVE: JKIA’s Vivian Wanza Kisoso arrested in car theft Drama

According to Kenyanmiror, an  Employee attached to Kenyatta International Airport has been arrested in Nairobi is a car theft Saga as detectives continue with their investigations.

Vivian Wanza Kisoso was arrested after detectives from Kilimanj police station trailed her for sometimes after learning of her syndicate in car theft.

Detectives who are aware of the matter and who spoke to our investigation Journalist said that Wanza was arrested in June at Upper Hull in Nairobi and all along they have been conducting some investigations.

“Our detectives after getting some tip of that the said car had been stolen launched serious investigations and arrested the suspect in upperhill Nairobi, they asked her to show her licence but she did’nt do that,” said the detective.

Wanza was released on a in cash of 10k and she will be charged later this month


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