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NEWSJuja parents turn up in masses to apply for bursaries as area...

Juja parents turn up in masses to apply for bursaries as area NG-CDF increases funds by sh 10 million

Universities, colleges and secondary schools students in Juja constituency are set to receive sh 50 million worth bursaries in two weeks time.

Juja MP George Koimburi said that the area National Government Constituency Development Fund (NG-CDF) has increased the funds by sh 10 million from sh 40 million that had been previously allocated for bursaries due to the high number of needy students in the region.

Koimburi spoke at Juja Farm grounds where he oversaw registration and application of the funds. Thousands of Parents from Juja Farm, Athi, Mwireri, Mukuyu and Abasalama villages in Kalimoni Ward flocked the area as they sought to get a share of the kitty for their children.

“We realized that the number of students in dire need of bursaries is very high and hence the decision to increase the allocation. Most students despite returning to schools after the holidays and others joining form one are yet to clear fees and their parents or guardians are at crossroads on where to get the fees. The funds will be a great reprieve to them, ” he said.

The MP divulged that over 6000 needy students will benefit from the kitty adding that each beneficiary will receive sh 8,000.

“This is the first time needy students in Juja will be receiving such an amount, they’ve been receiving between sh 2000 and sh 4000. We hope to increase the amount in the coming years as we seek to reach out to more beneficiaries,” Koimburi said.

The lawmaker however insisted that all beneficiaries must show proof that they are Juja residents and voters saying that the funds are only meant to benefit those who vote in Juja.

“The funds will benefit those who voted in Juja. The government has released the funds to all constituencies and therefore everyone should be able to apply in the constituency where they casted their votes,” he said.

Koimburi at the same time appealed to well wishers and other institutions including the Kiambu County Government to chip in their support and assist the growing number of needy cases in the region.

“Other leaders including the MCAs should expedite issuance of bursaries to our people because the number of those in need is too high,” he said.

Parents expressed gratitude saying that the funds will relieve them off the burden of facilitating their children’s education.

Mary Wanjugu, a parent whose daughter is in a Thika school said that the current harsh economic times and the recent fees increment has been a huge burden for most of them.

“Nowadays we are only toiling and moiling hard to put food on the table for our families. We are grateful to the government for this kitty and it’s our wish if it can be increased so that it can benefit more of the needy children,” Wanjugu said.


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