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NEWSCentral - Do not test my patience;Waiguru cautions bar owners over 100...

Central – Do not test my patience;Waiguru cautions bar owners over 100 million tax arrears.

Kirinyaga governor Anne Waiguru has cautioned bar owners not test her patience over the clearance of a 2 year tax arrears.

Waiguru said that her administration will in no uncertain terms tolerate defiance of tax related laws as every Kenyan has an obligation to pay tax .

In a renewed speech attack on the defiance operators,she asserted that the county will and is not ready to negotiate with tax evaders and come May,come sunshine the affected operators will have to clear the Sh 100 million arrears without fail.

She said in line with the ongoing national campaigns on the importance of tax compliance,her administration will stay put and will not relent in doing the needful as far as tax collection is concerned .

She decried that Kirinyaga collects less than 30 percent of the county revenues targets making it one of the counties that has been flagged in low revenue collection.She attributed the problem to tax defiance and cooperation from some of the operators.

Waiguru said the ongoing crackdown across the county to shut down unlicensed bars has proved to be productive and is not stopping any time until all operators full comply.

She said in the course of the past two days, some county bar operators have rushed to pay their their operational and licence fee amounting to a total sum of Sh.19 million,a proof that the operators have the financial capacity to clear the pending fee.

“We will not spare any one who own the county.Let the bar operators be advised to clear the arrears and not test my patience.We will not negotiate with you and please don’t bother looking for any county officials for any sort of negotiations,”she said.

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In addition, she reiterated that all traders are subjects to the county laws and should purpose to follow them to latter.

Speaking on Tuesday,she warned that the county is not ready to indiscriminately change the laws for the benefit of waiving their taxes. she further urged non -compliant operators who feel stifled by any of the county laws in place, to looks for other counties with ‘friendlier policies’ to operate from.

“Kirinyaga is governed by laws passed and approved by law-making organs.Those who are not ready to follow them to the latter should as well be advised to look for other counties where they can put up their businesses.”said a tough speaking Waiguru.

Waiguru said that if all operators complied, the county would not strain in having ready funds to complete stalled projects and address the many county related needs.

She further cautioned the bar operators to be wary of their association’s leaders and keep off brokers for leaders whom she accused of inciting them not to clear taxes despite them not owning liquor outlets.

She said taking heed of their advices would be detrimental to their outlets as they would end up suffering alone.

“Some of the officials mislead you not to pay taxes yet they don’t even own a single bar.While electing your leaders,give leadership to those who deserve and best understand your pain but those not brokers not taking advantage of you.”

Waiguru,spoke in Mwea during the commissioning of a 200 kilometre road network scheduled to be constructed across the constituency.

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She gave directives that the work be complete in a month’s time saying her administration has provided the necessary machineries to undertake the project.


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