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NEWSHomabay Marks world condom days as the war on HIV persists

Homabay Marks world condom days as the war on HIV persists

The world condom day was celebrated in Homa Bay with emphasis put on
ways to address the triple threat and inadequacy of condom.
Triple threat is a situation where a teenage girl is defiled,
impregnated and infected by HIV.
Cases of defilement are rife in Homa Bay and have made the county to
be ranked high among the devolved units with vices associated with
irresponsible sexual behaviour.
According to the Ministry of Health, Homa Bay leads in HIV prevalence
at 19.6 per cent.
The county also suffers from high rates of teenage pregnancies.
According to Kenya Demographic Health Survey, the county has 24 per
cent the number of teenagers who become pregnant before they reach 18
In addition to the problems, Homa Bay is still experiencing condom
shortage that can be used to reduce the prevalence of the vices.
The National Syndemic Diseases Control Council (NSDCC) representative
Olivia Murunga, Community Aid Transformation Alliance Group (CATAG)
director Zahra Hassan, Population Service Kenya (PS-K) representative
Crinoline Kemunto and Homa Bay Maisha Youth chairman Rodgers Omollo
presided over the event.
Murunga said they focus their sensitization programme on adolescents
since they are the majority of people affected.
They are sexually active and are required to use condom if they want
to engage in sex. They are reaching out to youths at the grass-root
with messages on reproductive health.
“Homa Bay is four times higher rate of HIV infections than the
national average. Despite the figures going down, adolescents
contribute to a higher percentage of the infection rate,” Murunga
Speaking at Tom Mboya University where they held this year’s event,
the activists in the gender sector called for joint efforts to help
the county fight the problems associated with sexual intercourse.
Hassan said triple threat is their main concern as gender activists.
Triple threat specifically affects teens whose have sexual rights
violated. They called on the government to regularly supply condom.
They called on the government to respond faster and apprehend suspects
linked to sexual molestation
“As we fight triple threat in the society, we want youths to protect
themselves from HIV infection,”she said.
She told youths not to compromise their sexual health and always put
on condoms when engaging in intercourse.
“Condom has been proven as the sure way of protecting oneself from
sexually transmitted infections,” Hassan said.
Kemunto argued that the high rate of transition of sexual diseases in
Homa Bay has shattered the dreams of many youths.
“We’re committed to sensitizing youths on the use of contraceptives,” she said.
Omollo called for concerted efforts and pull of resources to help in
reducing incidences of new HIV infection.
“Let youths behave responsibly and use condoms during sex to prevent
diseases alongside unintended pregnancies,” he said.
Wanawake Wavuvi’s Harison Ocholla appealed to the government to ensure
condom stocks do not run out.
The activists called for a multisectoral approach in eradicating the vices.


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