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trendings newsPrice water employees in Homa bay starts earning

Price water employees in Homa bay starts earning

Homa Bay government has started paying its employees who were
accredited by the Price Waterhouse Coopers which conducted and
completed the payroll audit.
The approved staffers from the executive wing started getting their
cheques from the county government finance office on Monday.
The PwC conducted the audit in a move aimed to eliminate ghost
workers. The cheques are for January salaries.
About 2,192 employees are expected to receive the cheques as their
payment for salaries.
Through an internal memo, the county secretary Bernard Muok directed
that the accredited employees would start getting their cheques on
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.
The county government has come up with new system of paying its
workers after doing the human resource audit.
The approved employees who are paid through the method include those
without personal numbers, those in manual payroll system and those who
had not been included in the integrated payroll personnel database.
“You are required to present personal documents such as letters of
arrival at the workstation, confirmation or promotion, certified
education and professional certificates and salary account details,”
the memo read.
Some officials from the PwC together with the county human resource
officers are also there to verify the documents of the employees.
Muok urged the employees to respond accordingly on grounds that those
who fail will be treated as having stopped from working.
“Any cheque or payments which will not be collected within the
specified days will be forfeited,” he added.
The county staffers involved in the process were asked to cooperate
and provide the consultants with any information they may require.
“Should you have any questions, feel free to contact the county
secretary directly or through your immediate supervisors,” the memo
read in part.
Homa Bay Governor Gladys Wanga had previously said up to 75 per cent
of the county’s budget is spent on paying salaries and on recurrent
She argued that Homa Bay cannot progress if only 25 percent of the
budget is left to undertake development.
“Homa Bay spends much of its sh7.8billion budget in wages and
recurrent expenditure. To improve service delivery we must streamline
all our systems,” Wanga said.
There is a belief that the county is infiltrated by ghost workers.


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