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BREAKING NEWSGloves off as Senior Healthy U 2000 operational manager threatens woman to...

Gloves off as Senior Healthy U 2000 operational manager threatens woman to withdraw case in which she claims she was unfairly dismissed, sexually harrassed by him

A Case in which a senior official at the Healthy U 2000 Limited is accused of sexually harassing a female employee who refused to have sex with him is currently heading to the DCI after death threats and intimidations arose.

More Fingers are now pointing at Operations Manager Hillary Oyando and other senior company officials for not doing enough to stop him.

He has not been fired, suspended or warned and at the same time the company has not respondent to the suit that was filed in court.

” Yes she received a call yesterday which compelled her to withdraw the case of face the consequences that she has never seen before, the caller identified himself as an emissary to Mr.Hillary Oyando,” a source told our investigator.

The case may be heading to the DCI for Oyando to be investigated and if possible be charged with offences related to the said threats.

” We shall be heading to the DCI and record our case, we feel that one of us may be killed of harmed if nothing his done, things are now out of control, ” said a source.

According to court papers, the woman PQ unfairly dismissed from job after she refused some dangerous sexual advancement of it’s operational Manager Hillary Oyando.

The documents obtained from the Employment and Labour relations court, Oyando had sent some sexual disturbing messages to the woman and later fabricated some charges that led to her dismissal from work.

Look at the bombshell texts Oyando sent to the woman. We

” I feel you, you are too far from me, Jikaze beb it’s gonna be well, Iike your bending now,”

He sent so many text messages that we cannot share at a go.

Documents and evidence in our possession shows that PQ has was not heard before her dismissal and if she would have allow the manager to sleep with her she would have safeguarded her job.

The woman through famous Famous city lawyer court papers that the her rights were violated.

” Our client was not heard, her rights were violated, she was sexually harrased and her rights were breached,” said the lawyer .

The lawyer further states that the woman was illegally dismissed from her employment where she has a contract right away from 2019.

” She was asked to write a show cause letter on how some loyalty points got lost at the ABC place where she was working , she explained how a customer won them and promised to follow up but she never succeeded, all this was because of sexual Harrassment,” the court papers reads in part.

She also operated Sarit Centre and Two Rivers mall.

The lawyer on behalf of the woman now wants, the court to declare that the woman was illegally terminated, was sexually harrased by the Manager. And direct that all her salary totalling to Sh1.5Million are pad.

The court papers shower that the woman has been summoned on various occassiona by cops from Muthangari Police stationExposed: Healthy U2000 limited sued for unfair dismissal as it’s operational Director is exposed over Sexual Harrassment of employees


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