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BREAKING NEWSAllocate Sh. 5 billion for housing of flood victims -Garsen MP Tells...

Allocate Sh. 5 billion for housing of flood victims -Garsen MP Tells Ruto

The Kenya Red Cross kicked off humanitarian support to the thousands of flood victims in Tanadelta Sub County of Tanariver County which is among the worst hit by the disaster that is ravaging the country.

The Humanitarian organization has begun distribution of Non-Food items including Tents, Blankets, water trampolines, soap, Mosquito nets sufurias, a 10,000 litres water tank, and toilet facilities among others to the 230 households that have moved to safer from Bandi Village in Garsen.

The floods have affected over 11,000 families in Tanariver County and the number keeps on rising particularly in Tanadelta as the water levels were rising each day.

Most of the residents who moved to camps lacked basic amenities such as freshwater, shelter, mosquito nets and food.

Garsen Member of Parliament Ali Wario who provided food for flood victims who relocated from Bandi village in his constituency called on the national Government to allocate Sh. 5 billion for the construction of housing for the thousands of flood victims in the country.

Wario said they had passed the Supplementary budget in Parliament in which President William Ruto has allocated funds to support flood victims and wants him to construct houses for those displaced and who have moved to safe grounds to avoid similar challenges in future.

He spoke in Garsen in Tanadelta Sub County of Tanariver County where he partnered with the Red Cross to provide relief food to the 230 families displaced by the disaster in Bandi.

Wario said during the tenure of President Uhuru Kenyatta when Ruto was Deputy president they gave Sh. 1 billion for the construction of houses for flood victims and his constituency got 2000 houses.

“This time we want the president to allocate even Sh. 5 billion for the construction of housing for flood victims,” he said.

Wario said the funds should be given to the Kenya Red Cross as it was the trusted organization that could handle the projects well and effectively.


Kenya Red Cross Society Coast Regional Manager Hassan Musa said the Coast counties have been hardly affected with the road between Kwale and Lunga Lunga cut off completely at Ramisi due to the floods.

He said Mombasa also experienced the worst floods as houses were submerged adding that Kilifi, Tanariver and Lamu have been hit badly too.

“We want to assure all the victims in the Coastal counties of our support today has been a tough day for Kenya Red Cross but we anticipated this and we are doing our best to support the affected families,” he said.

Masha Boru an MCA from Garsen also called on the Government to build houses for the flood victims who have accepted to move to safer grounds.

Flood Victims interviewed said they had a hard time staying without shelter at the camps and thanked the Kenya Red Cross and their MP for providing shelter and food but called on for more support as they still had many challenges.



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