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courtsDrama as Four arrested in Kajiado for slaughtering 10 stolen donkeys*

Drama as Four arrested in Kajiado for slaughtering 10 stolen donkeys*

Massai morans in the Lerujat area of Magadi in Kajiado West sub-county arrested four people found to have slaughtered 10 stolen donkeys on Thursday.
The four arrested and handed over to the Magadi police had just loaded donkey meat in their vehicle and were ready to leave for Nairobi.
The incident happened along Magadi Road in the Keek-Onyokie Ward in an area called Lerujat.
This is after the resident complained of having lost more than 40 donkeys to unknown thieves in the last 30 days.
David Kuresha said he had lost 13 donkeys to unknown people and was happy that the perpetrators were arrested and handed over to the police.
“We handled them well and they told us where the donkey meats end up in Dagoreti where it is mixed with cow meat before it is sold to unsuspecting butcher owners,” said Kuresha.
The four were beaten up but were saved by a KWS ranger who happened to be around. The ranger alerted the Magadi police who rushed there to make the arrest.
Kajiado West MP George Sunkuyia condemned the killing of donkeys in his constituency.
Sunkuyia called for stringent measures to be taken on the arrested people involved in the sale of donkey meat.
“Our people use these donkeys for transporting water from distant boreholes to residential homes. This act is frustrating my people and those arrested should be punished accordingly,” said Sunkuyia.


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