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courtsKDF troops, Somali National Army kills 40 Al-shabaab terrorists in Somali

KDF troops, Somali National Army kills 40 Al-shabaab terrorists in Somali

Some of the materials used in assembling bombs that were recovered from the scene.

Some of the materials used in assembling bombs that were recovered from the scene.

At least 40 al Shabaab terrorists were killed in an offensive on their camp in Welmaro, a town 40 kilometres from Afmadow in the Lower Jubba region of Somalia.

The area borders the Kenya-Somalia border which is usually breached by terrorists.

Kenya Defence Forces were involved in the operation together with Somalia National Army.

The attack, which took place at dawn, targeted a hideout where the terrorists were gathering and a weapons depot belonging to al Shabaab.

The SNA forces, supported by airstrikes from international partners, were able to destroy the hideout and depot, and kill over 40 militants, including several high-ranking leaders, officials said.

The SNA and its international partners have been stepping up their operations against al Shabaab in recent months, in an offensive to eradicate the group.

The latest attack is a significant blow to al Shabaab and is a clear indication of the SNA’s determination to defeat the group.

The Ministry of Defense in Somalia confirmed the attack to the Somali National News Agency, saying at least 40 al Shabaab members were killed, including leaders.

Kenyan sources said the troops captured a minibus with 28 IEDs already assembled, several RPGs and AK47s.

Kenyan shillings currency of approximately Sh200,000 was also retrieved. The IEDs were to be used in Boni, Ijara, and Garissa, sources said.

“Through intelligence sources, a compound in Welmaro, Somalia was identified as an IED assembly location and was destroyed,” a source said.

KDF troops under African Union Transition Mission in Somalia and the SNA special forces conducted a successful raid on the compound.

Officials said the troops are inching closer to Xagar (Hagar) town in the Lower Juba region.

Capturing Xagar could give the troops an advantage to be in a position to attack Buale, the official capital of Jubaland state which has been under al Shabaab control for more than 15 years.

Buale is also the regional capital of Middle Juba, the only region entirely controlled by al Shabaab.

And with the ongoing operation in parts of Somalia against the al Shabaab, Kenya expects the attacks in the border region will continue.

This is after most of the terrorists ran away to find refugee along the border where they cross for attack.

The terrorists have been attacking places near the Kenyan border by using guns and explosives leaving dozens dead and many injured.

The gang behind the attacks cross from Somalia and launch them amid a campaign to address the issue.

Kenyan troops are in Somalia under African Union Transition Mission to help in fighting the al-Shabaab terror group.

KDF went to Somalia in October 2011.


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