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NEWSDear Hon.H.E. Arthur Johnson Sakaja, your corrupt Osman Abdi Khallif, Urban planting...

Dear Hon.H.E. Arthur Johnson Sakaja, your corrupt Osman Abdi Khallif, Urban planting your enforcement officers are immobile, corrupt and unqualified fix the mess

H.E. Arthur Johnson Sakaja
Governor- Nairobi County.

Your Excellency,


Salutations Sir, kindly permit Me to address You not as a member of UDA Party nor Your supporter but as a concerned Nairobian, allow me to be a gossiper on this article and serve you hottest gossip from around 047.

Your Excellency, too many cooks do serve poisonous chalice, that is the exact situation in Nairobi where We have three plus armophus groups running the executive wing of your administration outside the legally recognized entity and the result is evident, organized confusion that has brought the County at crossroads.

How has it happened, where and by who and what is the remedy???

Key departments of planning, finance, procurement, public service and inspectorate are reported to have been placed under control of your friends, supporters and kin who operate under your shadow albeit for personal gain through a carefully crafted micromanagement tactics that have rendered the staff and key officers totally impotent and impuissant.

The County is being micromanaged from outside cityhall and probably at the Riverside drive and lavington mall under supervision of your catspaw by the name Osman Abdi Khallif who is also a troubled fugitive having been at loggerheads with Your CEC’s, Chief officers, Directors, MCAs, Contractors/suppliers and members of public for frustrating, intimidating, blackmailing and extorting them for their rightful and legal entitlement such as award of renders, payment of accrued pending bills, discharge of duties, employment rights, supervisory, administrative and oversight responsibility.

I sympathize with Osman although He blames his troubles squarely on You including the recent ugly scene where he was roughed and nearly stripped naked by two lady Contractors Maria and Hawa Ibrahim who were baying for his blood for all the wrong reasons but He blames You for misusing Him for personal gains, for setting him up against County employees such as County Secretary Analo and CEC Mulama who are reported to have been subjected to a tearful rude dressdown by yourself in his presence among many other disgusting annoying and unprofessional conducts meted upon People only for You to desert him whenever He is in trouble.

Hawa and Maria are believed to be doing dubious contracts and supplying hot air in the county.

The matter has attracted several agencies including EACC and DCI, Hawa and Maria are so connected including other cartels at procurement department.

Your Excellency! Where did you acquire the wisdom in paying Kshs 2 billion to 15 lawyers at the expense of majority genuine Suppliers/Contractors who are frustrated, crestfallen and pressed beyond redemption, what do You take employees for??

The People of Nairobi are buffled by your conscious in availing collosal amounts of monies to 15 individuals at the time when thousands of bright but needy students are sent home since your administration has failed to remmit funds to schools for second term bursary scheme, when will you consider arresting the worsening situation with the zeal and gusto that you put on the 15 Law firms??

Disgruntled Youths are dismayed at your never ending pledges and undertaking on the issue of recruitment of 3,500 plus number of them to the Environment and Clerical Departments which were advertised long ago and almost forgotten, when will they be recruited or was it a decoy?

The County Assembly and MCAs are up against You for all the wrong reasons, refer to a recent Facebook post by Hon John Rex Omolle and other communications emanating from both political divide, matters are thick and ugly Sir.

Your Excellency, the County is slowly but steadily degenarating into immobility, purpose to bring operations back to Cityhall, empower, motivate and protect your officers and give them a sense of belonging, put your act together and address right and urgent priorities, We all understand the benefits that you accrue focus on tenders and selected payments but kindly consider empowering human resource and advancing humanity even if they don’t attract direct benefits to You.
All the best, good luck, God .


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