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NEWSBenson Limo dragged in Lands related corruption and bribery

Benson Limo dragged in Lands related corruption and bribery

Whistle blower wants land regestrar investigated over corruption, bribery

A whistle blower within the Minstry of lands wants the Ethics and Anti-corruption commission to quickly investigate Benson Limo Long’olenyang for corruption, bribery and funny deals at the Lands Ministry.

PQ says that during his entire time at the ministry of lands,the man has become Extra-,rich and he is putting up multi-million property within an Estate in Nairobi Estate.

” He does alot of things during the daylight, we observe him keenly and it’s just too much, I urge the authority to move with speed and brobe the regestrar,” he told our mole.

He also said that an audit on all the lands record at the. Regestrar office be cross checked to go fix some mess which he believes occurs.

” We just need to make sure that all officers at the lands office are accountable for their deeds, for Limo we want a serious probe,” he added.
The source vows to furnish as with key information about the where about of the house under construction

More to follow from Monday




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