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NEWSYouth Politician Tom Oyugi to Ruto; Fire David Ndii, Moses Kuria and...

Youth Politician Tom Oyugi to Ruto; Fire David Ndii, Moses Kuria and reintroduce subsidies for the fuel to save the economy

Nakuru youthful politician has urged President William Ruto to urgently reintroduce subsidies for the fuel otherwise the country will come to a halt.

Tom Oyugi, who has dipped his hands in politics says as a youth and a leader, Kenyans should be able to enjoy life in their country not the suffering on high cost of living.

“It is bad enough that the cost of living is high but having government officials arrogantly mocking the suffering majority from their air conditioned offices paid by the same poor citizens is the highest level of contempt”, he said on Saturday.

Oyugi called upon the President to fire his economic (DR David Ndii )adviser and the CS Trade Moses Kuria who are insensitive to the plight of Kenyans.

He added that it is wrong for some leaders to say food commodities om.yje country are being sold at a cheaper price when om real Kenyans can’t afford a three course meal on a day.

Oyugi who is eying the Nakuru west parliamentary seat in 2027 said Kenyans can not handle the increase in VAT as a section of workers are not doing well in their respective businesses.

On Thursday the Energy and Petroleum ,regulatory Authority (EPRA) reviewed the fuel price.

Super Petrol is now retailing at Sh211 in most parts of Nairobi,diesel selling Sh 201 and Kerosene at Sh 202.

Most companies have said the prices of their services will go up from Monday.

“It is unfortunate that majority of Kenyans walk to work due to unaffordable¬† transport system, Oyugi told the press.

He noted that the government has been raising the cost of living and fuel prices yet the Salaries and Renumeration Commission has not reviewed the salaries of the workers since 2013.

He said it is unfair for the people who are already suffering to be added more burdens.


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