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NEWSWhy Nyamira MCA's Want Governor Nyaribo impeached

Why Nyamira MCA’s Want Governor Nyaribo impeached

Nyamira MCAs have said there is no witch hunt in their quest to impeach the County boss Amos Nyaribo.

The MCAs said they were impeaching him on alleged failure to perform his mandate.

Speaking at the County Assembly premises on Thursday when they collected signatures for his impeachment, the MCAs said they had to do it for the betterment of the devolved unit.

28 signatures out of a possible 34 were collected in favour of the impeachment motion.

The motion will be tabled on Tuesday next week for debate on the impeachment of Nyaribo.

Deputy Majority Leader and Township Ward MCA Duke Masira said they are performing their mandate in seeking to impeach him.

“We are not fighting anyone. We want a governor who can make Nyamira look like other Counties in terms of development. We have been allocating a lot of resources to this County but we cannot tell what they have done. All we need is service and that is why we want our governor to rest so that someone else can help him,” Masira said.

His sentiments were supported by Kiabonyoru ward MCA Vincent Benecha who said the County is stuck in terms of development.

“For our County to develop, we must rise and stop corruption. We need leaders who have Nyamira people at heart, not their own desires,” Benecha told journalists.

Bonyamatuta Ward MCA Julius Matwere said the residents are questioning service delivery being offered in the county.

Nominated MCA Doris Nyamanga and Abigael Matini said if Nyaribo defends himself and is found clean, they will not have a problem with him.


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