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NEWSWhy Kenyans Should Be Scared Of Diageo And Jane Karuku Led EABL

Why Kenyans Should Be Scared Of Diageo And Jane Karuku Led EABL

Right now, 6 out of 10 Kenyans consume alcohol or have been lured to start consuming EABL spirits and gins if not cheap beers alias Keg.

The Kenya Kwanza government should talk about the elephant in the room. Diageo and EABL have been spending millions of money on influencers to glamorize and normalize alcoholism.

Jane Karuku, who enjoys the shield from the Kenyatta’s who have interests in Diageo needs to checked. Instead of sponsoring sporting and social activities, Diageo and EABL now only sponsors sherehe’s and tippler concerts.

Alcohol abuse, which is the excessive and/ or unhealthy consumption of alcoholic drinks, has emerged as a major hindrance to the health, social and economic development of the people of Kenya.

The government should play their role in regulation and let the adults decide. But EABL adverts have targeted even minors. In a nationwide survey conducted by NACADA, the consumption of alcohol among people aged under 18 years was rated “high”. That is the elephant in the room!

Right now, every single family in Kenya has that one or two relatives that are struggling from alcoholism thanks to boring EABL menace and sponsored ads.

EABL flouted regulations because their uninspiring CEO Jane Karuku was a darling to the Kenyatta family. EABL was behind bribing institutions to harass competitors like Keroche. Most of the EABL monies goes out.

In a nationwide survey conducted by NACADA, statistics indicated that lifetime prevalence rate for alcohol was 39%
and current prevalence rate was 13% for people aged between 15 – 64 years.

The number and frequency of deaths resulting from consumption of alcoholic drinks have reached alarming levels.

Many people have lost their lives and many more lost their sight and families after consuming and spending most of their times in the Alcohol dens.

Alcohol consumption and abuse is influenced by factors including gender, family history and parental influence and that’s how companies like EABL take advantage and make the situation worse instead of offering solutions.

In the old days Men were at a higher risk of heavy drinking and developing alcohol use disorders. However, the number of
women who drink, abuse, and become dependent on alcohol is on the rise. I call them the Gilbeys Dragons.

It is very expensive to rehabilitate an alcoholic and many families have been destroyed. Maybe the government should force EABL to invest in rehabilitation centres instead of them doing CSR like planting trees?


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