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NEWSWestlands: Big Hole Finally Covered, Hours After Kenyans Raise Concern

Westlands: Big Hole Finally Covered, Hours After Kenyans Raise Concern

A giant hole that has been a major cause of concern to motorists and pedestrians in Westlands, Nairobi, has now been properly demarcated.

The hole which is sitting a few metres from the Westlands bus stop – on Waiyaki Way – has now been ‘fenced’ using properly marked hazard demarcations – to warn and keep off motorists and pedestrians.

“It is refreshing that someone has taken appropriate action and fenced the hole. I hope they will go ahead and cover it so that it looks decent,” George Waweru, a motorist in Westlands told Wananchi Reporting.

The hole had been sitting exposed and dangerously close to the entrance to the multi-billion shilling Nairobi Expressway – just at The Mall area of Westlands.

According to residents, the hole was posing great danger to motorists and pedestrians who daily used the road.

Following the recent improvements, the upper section of the hole facing the main road is well covered – leaving only a small part of it fairly open.

Initially, a single concrete block painted in yellow and black had been planted next to the hole – but now five more pillars have been added to the spot.

Motorists diverting to join the Expressway who were at risk of hitting the hole can now drive safely.


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