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NEWSUDA Treasurer Nyakundi to broker peace between Arati and Osoro

UDA Treasurer Nyakundi to broker peace between Arati and Osoro

Kitutu Chache North MP Japhet Nyakundi has offered himself to broker a peace between Kisii Governor Simba Arati and Majority Chief MP Sylvanus to help stem the tide of political skirmishes in the region.

Nyakundi spoke Thursday during the donation of buses to Emesaria and Sensi Secondary school.

His call for peace comes a week after three people were shot dead in Saba Saba demos in down town Kisii .

And on Thursday, during the second round of protests by Azimio over skyrocketing cost of living, business was paralyzed for the better of day when pockets of protests battled with General Unit personnel.

The protests have since taken the shape of Supremacy battles between Majority Chief Whip Sylvanus Osoro and Governor Simba Arati.

The friendship between the two is in its all time low following funeral fracas in South Mugirango where Arati was forced to flee after goons cut his speech short over a protocol hitch tiff with MP Osoro.

And during the Wednesday riots in Kisii, one protester suffered an arrow injury when bow and arrow wieding goons filtered into the demos at Daraja Mbili market area .

The deployment of armed goons to square it out with protesters appeared to bear the hall marks of political violence.

On Thursday, Nyakundi said the squabbles between Arati and Osoro had already begun to derail development.

He said the image of the region was already being dented adding that it deprive it of economic opportunities if not not looked into.

“If we continue with these skirmishes, those who suffer the most are our children, we must stop this madness ,” Nyakundi said.

The MP being of different political parties should not fracture the peace the residents had all along enjoyed.

At least nine people were arrested in connection with the Thursday protests in Kisii alone .

They were arraigned on Friday for participating in an illegal assembly.

At least 27 more are already facing similar charges before court.

Nyakundi said it was time that Osoro and Arati had a sitting and thrash out their differences before the situation runs out of hand.

Nyakundi said though young and inexperienced in politics, he will try to bring Arati and Osoro to the table.

“I would also seek Senator Richard Onyonka, so that we can bring these two warring leaders together and iron out this thing out once and for all,” the MP said.

If not tackled on time, the raging skirmishes would cause escalate the violence into a blood bath where politicians will be fighting for power, the legislator stated .

” We had all along been known to be peaceful and we must take all efforts to ensure the same peace is maintained,” the UDA national Treasurer said.

Other leaders who condemned the Thursday violence in Kisii and Nyamira are North Mugirango MP Joash Nyamoko, flamboyant Kitutu Chache North politician Don Bosco and political activist Darious Mosoti.

Nyamoko who spoke to Star by phone said Gusii as a region stands to lose immensely in terms of economic investments if the pattern of political violence persists.

He especially castigated the use of university students to cause mayhem in the riots.

“I appeal to our students to resist any temptations to be dragged into the riots with cheap handouts. Our parents go through a lot to see your through education,” he said.

Gichana, on his part, while protests are a democratic right, some people were misusing them to orchestrate violence and vandalism.

He urged for peaceful protests to step destruction of property.

” It has taken years to build what we have and it can only take hours and a week to put to waste that effort,” he said.

He condemned the use of bribes to seduce people to cause destruction to property.


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