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NEWSTop Judges Urge African Executives, Lawmakers To Strengthen Climate Governance

Top Judges Urge African Executives, Lawmakers To Strengthen Climate Governance

Among the proposed reforms are climate financing and the establishment of courts and tribunals to handle environment and climate change matters.

The resolution was made at the 3rd Regional Symposium on Greening Judiciaries in Africa held in Nairobi, where 32 judiciaries that are members of the Africa Judicial Education Network on Environmental Law (AJENEL) were represented.

In a joint communique released Wednesday, the symposium called on member states to support their efforts to sensitize judicial officers and staff, as well as the public, on the use of innovative and effective methods, including the production of audio-visual productions on climate change.

Kenya’s Chief Justice Martha Koome said that the resolutions aim to see African judiciaries play a proactive role in supporting continental and national efforts geared towards adaptation, mitigation and building-resilience to climate change.

“As guardians of the rule of law and protectors of constitutional rights, including the fundamental right to a clean and healthy environment, we have made a commitment to continue playing a very proactive role in the fight against climate change, building on the successes and lessons we have learnt from each other,” she said.

They further encouraged Judiciaries to leverage on technology to handle climate change matters, network and share jurisprudence, information, and experiences including establishing repositories of decisions on climate change and online trainings.

They also urged the judiciaries to deliberate and develop Guidelines to enforce Orders given by Courts to remedy violations that affect the right to a clean and healthy environment including, the climate.

In regards to the capacity development and knowledge management the members encourage the Judiciary Training Institutes to develop and integrate modules on Environment and Climate Change in their curricula.

They also encouraged countries to support Judiciaries in sensitizing judicial officers and staff and the public, who are the rights holders using innovative and effective methods including by producing audio-visual productions on climate change.

The event brought together Chief Justices, Deputy Chief Justices, Presidents and Judges of Apex and Regional Courts, Judges, Magistrates, Heads of Tribunals, Directors of Judiciary Training Institutes, and other and other representatives from across the region


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