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BREAKING NEWSThe Story of Nubian Rights Forum Executive Director Shaffi Ali Hussein and...

The Story of Nubian Rights Forum Executive Director Shaffi Ali Hussein and how he has fought evils directed to the Nubians, Maginalized

At the Helm of the Nubian Rights Forum(NRF) sits a courageous, determined and dedicated Shaffi Ali Hussein who is now seen as the voice of the voiceless across the country.

He has been fighting for the state to fully recognize the maginalized groups like Nubians , Pemba among other communities in the country and his effort saw contraversial Huduma number failing miserably during former President Uhuru Kenyatta’s error.

” We are moving to court to block the Huduma number because it is illegal, unconstitution and it intents to lock out some people from being registered as Kenyans,” he said few years ago before launching a strong court suit against former President Uhuru Kenyatta’s regime.

The Huduma number collapsed and as we speak today , it does not exist.

Recently, he also raised alarm and expressed concerns about the rollout of the Unique Personal Identifier (UPI) number dubbed “Maisha Namba” by President William Ruto’s administration.

Shaffi Ali Hussein among other leaders categorically said that the UPI has no difference with Huduma Namba which was declared unconstitutional by the courts in October 2021 after they launched the case to dislodge it.

Hussein’s announcement came after mmigration and Citizen Principal Secretary Julius Bitok said that President Ruto will planning to oversee the rollout on September 29, 2023.

“We further wish to remind the government of the unacceptable consequences of discrimination, eroding of privacy and exclusion for communities that have historically struggled with access to documentation that were witnessed with a similarly hurried and flawed implementation of Huduma Namba,” he said.

Hussein has also helped other communities like Pemba to be identified as part of the Kenyan community.

More to follow….


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