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EntertainmentThe coming hot musian in bungoma sky zen k

The coming hot musian in bungoma sky zen k

am sky zen k upcoming artist…I do bongo music.am a vocalist and also a singer.i go by the real name Vincent sikuku.born in bungoma bt grew up in the city of Nairobi..my journey of music begun when am 12years… actually it is not easy for any artist.. you have to put more effort so that him or her can build the character..it all started in a church ..I. was in a praise and worship team…there was a certain time they told me that you are going to lead us in worship I was like..

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what. Bt from the grace of God I did it..in that team there was a lady who told me sky you can sing…I kept on pressing so that it can come true and am working on it…dj edu kenya was one of my biggest advisor until now I thanks God for his gracy.

checkout some of his music here:

am sorry mp3

also checkout his channel here:


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